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Copper worm

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Product Detail Information
Model: XY-2
Shape: Worm
Brand Name: Xingyuan
Material: Aluminum
material: aluminium bronze casting
proceses: lost-wax precision casting,investment casting
be used in: copper worm gear
1,material: bonze casting
2,proceses: lost-wax precision casting,investment casting
3,be used in:   copper worm gear
4,equipment: cnc,shot-blasting machine gravity casting machines,  low pressure casting  machines,  die casting machines , wire-electrode cutting machines.
  Manganese Bronzes. These alloys are carefully compounded yellow brasses with measured quantities of iron, manganese, and aluminum. The metal should be melted and heated to the flare temperature or to the point at which zinc oxide vapor can be detected. At this point, the metal should be removed from the furnace and poured. No fluxing is required with these alloys. The only addition required with these alloys is zinc. The amount required is that which is eeded to bring the zinc content back to the original analysis. This varies from very little, if any, when an all-ingot heat is being poured, to several percent if the heat contains a high percentage of remelt.